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Last update: 07.06.02 4:02 03/12/2002

 Intro. . . (posted 18.01.02)

From the remnants of |xUCIx| spawn a new clan.... Welcome to the alphaQ clan page. We are a local area network Counter-Strike clan whose members represent some of the best players from the 310/949/714 areas of southern california. We strive for professionalism and teamwork. If you are interested in joining or playing us, please send post a message on our FORUM and/or email us. We currently have one active team in OGL, the Rough Riders.

Locate |xUCIx| players: LOCATE (using gametiger.net)

 Our CS Servers . . . (posted 05.02.02)
Our servers are and will always be FF servers. We like to keep an enjoyable playing evironment, so please be respectful to the other players on the server, especially the admins. |xUCIx| reserve the right to kick/ban anyone who pisses them off/cheats/acts lame/n00bish admits/jokingly admits to cheating. Join #xUCIx on gamesnet to argue a kick/ban.

NEW Server Name/IP (posted 23.02.02 by kami)
Commando got a new comp, so his old comp is now server1. It too has a new name, as well as a new IP.
As stated above, we'll be relocating server2 to a new subnet, therefore it will have a new IP. Its old name was "server2" and now it will be the name of my old server, unless someone comes up with a better name =P.

Check the STATUS of [alphaQ] FF=ON.
Check the STATUS of Campus Village Ownage FF.

  N E W S . . . (last post: 25.02.02)
No More Taco? (posted 03.01.02 by Taco)
As an answer to the rumors that I am leaving this quarter I regret to inform you all that they are true.  I will be leaving xucix and uci in pursuit of my computer science degree.  I have left leadership of the clan to Commando and NuT, one of them will decide who will be the new leader.  Again, I am very sorry, and it is hard for me to leave such a good clan.

xUCIx BBQ aftermath (posted 02.25.02 by Kami)
1pm, Sunday, February 24th... Taco, Commando, and Kami are thinkin... "where the fuck is everyone?!" ... 10 minutes later, 20 strangers met up for the first time... All i can say is, whoever didnt come, missed one damn good BBQ! over 40 CS junkies in attendance... Ok, so you're thinkin' hamburgers & hot dogs right? OF COURSE! and then some... such as Korean BBQ shortribs, Teriyaki Chicken, Huli-Huli Chicken, Sirloin Steaks - SPANKY STYLE!, some BBQ Chicken. We ate and got drunk while watching NuT and others, including the [Sick] gang, display their mad CS Skillz. It was dope and Taco has pics here on the site for you lamers who stayed home.
: By RawLiquid & whoever else shot with his camera
: By Spanky (coming soon - sorry spanky!)
: By Spanky and his coolpix 995 (mini movies, no audio)
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"This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My rifle without me is useless. Without my rifle I am useless. I must fire true. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will..."
-by Major General
William H. Rupertus

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