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>> Welcome
 posted 2002.06.10
From the remnants of |xUCIx| spawn a new clan.... Welcome to the alphaQ clan website. We are a local area network Counter-Strike clan whose members represent the area of southern california. We strive for professionalism and teamwork. If you are interested in joining or playing against us, please post a message on our FORUM and/or email us. We currently have one active team in CAL-open and OGL .

>> Counter-Strike Servers
 posted 2002.05.08

We currently have two CS servers, hosted on a 1.5mbs line. We like to keep an enjoyable playing evironment, so please be respectful to the other players on the server, especially the admins. |xUCIx| team affiliates reserve the right to kick/ban anyone who -- pisses them off/cheats/trolls/admits (jokingly or not) to cheating.

Come idle with us in #alphaQ @ west.gamesnet.net [www.gamesnet.net]

Check the STATUS of [alphaQ] FF=OFF (formerly xUCIx server1).
Check the STATUS of Campus Village Ownage FF=ON (formerly xUCIx server2).

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