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 Contact info . . . (posted 2002.01.18)
Status Name Contact for... Email address
Leader Taco Anything regarding xUCIx, Primary CS Server/stats
Senior Commando Secondary admins on Primary server
Webmaster Kamikaze Anything regarding the website, psycho stats themes, Secondary CS Server/stats
IRC #xUCIx Stop by, hang out, chat, idle, just be respectful at the same time. gamesnet - #xUCIx

 Tryouts . . . (posted 2002.01.18)
Interested in joining xUCIx? Well, we've closed recruitment on non-UCI people for now, but if you really want to join, you'll have to rock our world for an exception and an invite. Now that we've cleared that up, post a message on our recruitment section of our FORUM, and tell us the following information: (you might also want to email TACO with the same information)
  • Current Handle(s)
  • Year/Major
  • UCI e-mail address
We have a 3 step recruiting process.  Once you have contacted us, the next step is to play with other xUCIx members until one of us sponsors you.  Any xUCIx member can sponsor you.  Once you have a sponsor, we setup a tryout date/time, where you'll play with other recruits against an xUCIx team. Then we vote, review demos, and decide who makes the cut.

 Scrimmages . . . (posted 2002.01.18)
Interested in a friendly scrimmage? yes, FRIENDLY scrimmage. Not for bragging rights, not for clanladder or anything - simply a friendly scrimmage game. Ok, fine, maybe for bragging rights, haahaa! But all in good faith. If so, send us an email, AND post in our forums, thanks!

 Servers/Website . . . (posted 2002.01.18)
This website was designed by Kamikaze. Artwork done by kami and some other people. Theme for the stats was also done by me, with a little help from [NACS]mike and [HX^3]Cuzz.

|xUCIx| Server FF=ON:
Our Primary server is owned by Vash, operated by Taco, and its administrators are Taco & Commando. There are also secondary admins, mainly the members of xUCIx. RESPECT them! This is our server, and we like to keep control of the atmosphere. In other words, be respectful to the admins, AND the other players on the server. We will NOT tolerate cheating! We share this server with some old friends who are in [TL] (Team Liquid). They sometimes use the server for clan matches. Oh, and some of them are also admins. Check the STATUS of |xUCIx| server 1. (using gametiger.net)

|xUCIx| Server 2 :
Our Secondary server is owned by Kamikaze, operated by [NACS]Evil Clown & [NACS]mike, and its administrators are mike and kami. xUCIx members are secondary admins as well. Once again, this is our server, so be respectful to both admins and other players. We will NOT tolerate cheating! ATTENTION! AWP buys MAY be monitored via Joe's Awp Retail plugin for adminmod, SO BEWARE! Check the STATUS of |xUCIx| server 2. (using gametiger.net)
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"This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My rifle without me is useless. Without my rifle I am useless. I must fire true. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will..."
-by Major General
William H. Rupertus

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